Learning From A Child

Spending time with my granddaughter reminds me of how exciting it is to observe all that little ones learn in their early years. As moms, you spend countless hours helping your kids learn to walk, talk, share, play, tie a shoe, ride bikes, swim and so much more. We interact with them and work to prepare them for what is ahead. With as many helps as there are including books, apps, professionals, family, and friends, it seems we spend much time preparing to teach our children and sometimes neglect reflecting on what our children can teach us.

A child enters the world empty-handed. Certainly, God designs them with physical traits and personality, but they come without prejudice, without resentment, without a past. A child is sincere, honest and accepting of others. A child enters the world as a learner and is fearless about the future. In Matthew 18: 3,4 Jesus is talking to his disciples and says “unless you become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” (NIV). Jesus had been talking with the disciples and they were asking who would be the greatest. He drew a child to him and spoke those words. There is a strong lesson from this moment in history and a reminder that we should be learning from our kids. From the humble, dependent attitude that a baby has when entering the we need to recognize the value of being humble. We need to learn to be loving, sincere, honest and to be open to learn. My children trusted that I would care for them, feed them and attend to their needs. God has promised this for us and so much more. (Matthew 7:7-11) Let’s be women who can learn from the little ones. Let’s walk in humility and trust the One who made us and loves us completely. Modeling this will be a powerful way to teach your children for they are learning from you.

by Diane Gratopp

MOPS Illness

We hate to see you miss MOPS, but please remember there are babies, small children, and pregnant women who are vulnerable to illnesses so please respect the well-being of everyone when deciding if staying home is needed.