Missional Motherhood: An Online Bible Study

My sister from Reno, NV, just invited me to join her in this online Bible study and I thought you might be interested too!  The details are below.  Here is the link to sign up and get started:http://blog.lifeway.com/womenallaccess/2016/08/23/announcing-fall-online-bible-study-sign/

Please let us know if you decide to participate!

We are so excited to announce our fall online Bible study! We’ll be studying Missional Motherhood by Gloria Furman together. If you’re thinking, but I’m not a mom, we understand. One thing we love about this study is that it’s not just for moms in the traditional sense of the word. Mother is also a verb, and we all do that. So Missional Motherhood is about mothering, whether you’re mothering biological children, adopted kids, foster children, or those in your community only a few years younger than yourself. We hope you’ll join us as we celebrate mothering and learn how this gifting fits into the overarching mission of God. 

The online study will begin September 29. We’ll post the full video from the study here every Thursday for 6 weeks and ask you to participate by answering questions in your group or on our blog.*

To participate in the online study:

  1. Go to your email and add “womensministry@lifeway.com” to your contacts. This way, our emails are less likely to go to your spam folder.
  2. Fill out the form below to sign up. (go the website link above) You will receive a welcome email, and weekly reminder emails linking to each week’s video session will begin September 29.
  3. Pick up a copy of the Missional Motherhood Bible study book. You can purchase thathere or at your local LifeWay store. (International customers, click here for retailers around the world.)

Then you’ll be ready to go!

Our hope for the online Bible studies is not that they’ll replace community in real life. Grab a friend or two or ten and do this study together, using the online videos! If you are studying alone, that’s okay! We are so glad you’re studying with us and hope you find friends and fellowship here.

*A note about the Bible study videos: For Missional Motherhood, we’re doing something we’ve never done before. Because the Bible study videos are shorter in length and essential to the study, we will be offering the entire Bible study videos online forfree for a limited time. We will leave all the videos up until December 1, allowing some breathing room for those who join in late or miss a couple of weeks.