April Spotlight Mom: Kristine Sewell


Who is in your family? Tell us a little about them.

Josh and I have been married for 10 years. He works in medical device sales and I am home with our babies while helping with marketing projects for a local physical therapy practice. We are proud parents of Noah who is a sweet, independent 2.5 year old and Emma who is our happy 5 month old with a beautiful smile. Noah loves to feed, tell “sit”, and play with our two dogs.

What are some of your favorite things to celebrate?

I love to celebrate birthdays, they are a big deal at our house. I love to plan parties! I also love to celebrate the successes and accomplishments of friends and family.

How do you embrace rest?

I’m trying to learn this! 🙂 I have been really trying to embrace the quiet moments like rocking Emma or laying with Noah while he falls asleep. I’m trying to realize the dishes can wait, these moments will pass by quickly so embrace them now. I also find these quiet moments to be relaxing to talk to Jesus and pray over my babies, it calms my fears and anxieties about motherhood and their futures, they are in His hands.

What is something that you are grateful for today?

I am grateful for Emma’s smiles, she lights up my world. I am grateful for Noah’s sweet words and kisses. I am grateful for Josh who works so hard so I can be home with our babies and supports my role in our family.

Give us a weird fact about yourself.

I met my husband on a one-sided blind date when I was in high school. He saw me cheering at a basketball game before he asked me out through friends but it was a blind date for me. He prayed at dinner that night, had an amazing smile, and gorgeous blue eyes that he gave to our babies and I was hooked! God had a plan for us, that blind date was 16 years ago this New Years Eve.