Spotlight on: Tracie HasenkampHasenkamp FamilyWho is in your family? Tell us about them.

My husband, Trevor, works as an IT specialist at Nelnet. I am blessed to stay home with the kids most days and a couple days a week I am a substitute teacher for LPS and Waverly.  We have 3 kids.  Our son, Maddox, is in the 2nd grade and loves sports and math.  Maddox has 2 little sisters.  Taelynne is 4 and loves art projects and playing with her dolls.  Meelah is 2 and loves anything her big sister Tae is doing!  We have a dog, a boxer named Bella, who just turned 10. 

What are some of your favorite things to celebrate?

We love birthdays at our house.  It’s not so much about presents as it is about getting to pick what’s on the menu and lots of balloons!!  It’s all about celebrating one more year of health and happiness!

How do you embrace rest?

Rest for me needs to be done intentionally.  I love to end the night with my devotional or a Jen Hatmaker book.

What is something that you’re grateful for today?

I am grateful for my family’s health.

Give us a weird fact about yourself.

My husband proposed to me with a pizza.  He spelled out his love with pepperoni!  We love our pizza and eat it frequently.