One last tour! Martin’s Hillside Orchard

This just in from Tina Barnes, (the gal who organized the summer events)

Hey ladies!

Summer flew by so quickly….but we’re going to do another event! I’m extremely excited about this one….Martin’s Hillside Orchard! I’ve been on their tours with Lincoln Christian School and they do an amazing presentation. They enjoy the children and it’s very hands on!

The cost is $5 but listen to what that includes!

An hour long tour,
wagon ride through the orchard to the apple trees where everyone can pick an apple or two.
Then to the raspberry patch to pick and eat a few
and finally the pumpkin patch where you can pick a pumpkin to take home as well.

It will be September 3rd at 10am….I’ll need a head count a week in advance (August 27th).


p.s The peaches will also be ready but are NOT included in the tour as they are unpredictable!

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