Your Story

Hopefully you are now settled back in at home after a delightful morning of yummy scones and even sweeter fellowship.  Our annual tea and testimony is a wonderful time of reflecting back on the ways that MOPS and the moms in our group have made a positive impact on our lives.  This was a bittersweet one for me, as of course it was my last one.  As I have been recounting in recent blogs and newsletters, MOPS has definitely had a powerful effect on my life and even the life of my family.

Two of the goals of MOPS International particularly resonate with me.  First, every mom needs a friend.   I definitely have made many wonderful friends through MOPS.  If you are not feeling that way yet, please hang in there.  And take a step to reach out – that very mom you are wanting to get to know may just have been considering calling you up for a playdate.  Friendships do take time, but they are worth the effort and are so crucial, especially during the preschool years!  Yet as important as this is, the second goal far outweighs the first.

Every mom needs Jesus!  While I may be leaving MOPS behind, Jesus will continue to be the central part of my life.  I will be able to live without MOPS (even though I am sure that I will miss it!).  But I could NEVER live without Jesus.  Maybe you are unsure about where Jesus fits in your life.  Or maybe for you, God is just for Sundays or MOPS mornings – the rest of the time He doesn’t factor into your decisions or your life.  God does not want that – He wants to be the thread that weaves your life together.

If you do not have your own personal relationship with God, today is a great day to begin!  Not sure of what to do?  You were handed a sheet today (soon to be posted on the blog) on knowing your testimony, the story of how your faith journey began and has continued.  These verses explain that we cannot make it to heaven on our own.  We are sinners – doomed to eternal separation from God.   But Jesus stepped in.  As the perfect sinless son of God, He chose to die that we might live.  Out of love that we might escape condemnation.  We need to acknowledge this – our need for a Savior, the fact that we can do nothing to save ourselves.   Have you ever asked for forgiveness of your sins?  Once you have, you are a child of God, and true living begins.  If you made this life changing decision, would you please share this with one of the mentors or with one of the MOPS leadership team?  We want to rejoice with you and also help you to know what to do next.  Your story of faith is just beginning – this is even more of a celebration than tea and testimony!