When Half might be Enough

Although the book by the Harris brothers, Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations, does not exactly fit my age span anymore, I still want to read it.  I can’t say I am exactly fond of the idea of trials.  But the idea of pushing myself past limitations is definitely intriguing.

Tomorrow I am running the half marathon for the second time.  I will not finish in the top ten or even in the top one hundred.  Or probably even top one thousand.  We were all joking at the dinner table that even if I hid in the bushes and joined in with the top finishers for the last mile only, I would still lose by several minutes.  Speedy I am not.  But I am a finisher.  I want my kids to see that even though I am not THE best, I can still train to do MY best.  I am feeling a little nervous, and I have to admit I might be  looking more forward to the Val’s pizza party I am having with all of my family afterwards than to all the race.  Especially since it is supposed to bit frigid outside.

The half is quite the experience – Lincoln is very supportive of its runners.  We were blessed to attend the citywide marathon church service tonight at Hope Community Church.  Great to be a part of that event!

I wanted to run the full marathon this year, but while I ran throughout the fall, I just did not feel ready for the strenuous training schedule that the full requires.  Since I struggled at times to enjoy the half training runs, I feel like I made the right choice.  I still may run the full someday, but I know that age is working against me (I am not looking to want to even come close to any “oldest” runner records!  🙂 )  And training for an event like this does take a lot of time.  While asking my family to sacrifice some time seems reasonable, I still feel my greatest calling is obviously to motherhood, not running.  (Probably a good thing since I will never win any prize money or anything!)  So, the half might be enough for me.

What are you doing that pushes you to your limits?  Not just how long you can last without sleep (moms of babies are experts are that!)  But what dreams are you pursuing (even on a very limited basis) that challenge you personally.  Moms can do hard things too!