Five Decades

Sunday was a very special day for my family.  Kyle’s parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  We had an enjoyable day of celebrating with them at an open house as well as a family dinner.   My in-laws have definitely had some struggles in their life – deployment, job change, health scares.  But through it all, they kept each other as a priority, and they remembered to love each other as well as God.

With the escalating divorce rates in this country, I am afraid that 50th wedding anniversary celebrations may become rare, as opposed to the norm.  In our disposable society, anything that takes a bit of work is often cast aside.  A song that they have played on Christian radio for the past several months addresses this.

If you have not heard the song “Restore” by Chris August, I think you will be blessed.  A great reminder that through Christ anything is possible – even five decades of marriage!


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