Messy cakes, messy life and more!

Messy Cakes

Many weeks ago, I promised that I would do a follow up to our birthday celebrations with parties that were memorable but that maybe did not go quite as planned … (Note: the names have been left out on purpose – partly to protect “privacy” but mainly, so that you can relate without getting distracted on who is sharing the story 🙂 )

First the pictures …

This cake looks beautiful, but since it was supposed to be a sphere/ball shape, it did not quite achieve that …

Flop cake

This next cake also looks fine, but since it was supposed to be a lego cake (and the child thought that it was an igloo), it did not quite meet its mark.

Gretchen Lego cake

Another mom made a lovely rainbow cake – in fact it was featured in the video (the one with all of the M & Ms).  Anyway, the mom is very glad she took a picture when she made it the night before because the next morning, the cake had completely collapsed.

One mom decided to tape out a basketball court on her wood floor for her son’s basketball party.  He loved the “court,” so they left it on there since that room was not used much.  Several months later when the mom tried to remove the tape, the finish came off as well.  So if you know to look, you can still see the impressions of a court on her floor.

One mom’s son was lethargic at his first birthday party – he did not even want to take a bite of cake.  Later she found out he had a temperature and didn’t feel well.  No wonder the poor guy was not into celebrating.

Another mom had her son wake up sick on the day of his first birthday party.  Since his birthday was close the holidays and he was basically oblivious to his party, she did not even get to reschedule and still has a boxes of super cute Mickey Mouse decorations that she had made and did not even get to use.

One mom’s boy refused to take a nap the morning of his party.  He made it through part of the celebration but was a wreck, so she had to have him take a nap even while the guests were there.  All of his cousins were excited about the gifts that they were going to give the birthday boy, so while he slept, the mom let all of the other kids open his presents.

One mom’s 2 year old decided to eat fire!!!  Yep, she gave him his cupcake with a candle on it to blow out, but instead of blowing he put his mouth around the flame!  He was fine – just a bit shocked!  And all were pretty impressed with his fire eating skills!

None of this even conveys getting to work around nap schedules, family conflicts (grandma and grandpa can’t be at the same party since they are divorced) and “trying not to repeat a theme” idea (when you have four kids, this can be tricky).  The amazing thing is that all of these situations, while stressful at the time, make for great memories.  Even the stress of the family conflicts can be lightened when you look at the situation with the perspective of knowing how much each family member wants to celebrate your child.  Birthday parties can definitely push a mom to her limits.  So, if you have a party that does not exactly feel celebratory, take lots of pictures.  In a few years, the situation might be funny!

Messy Life

My husband and I managed to find the time to read a quick “Our Daily Bread” devotional together this morning.  Today’s verses were found in Joel 2:21-27 – possibly not high on everybody’s Bible reading list.   (If you would like to read or listen to the devotional, you can go to ,BUT you may need to go to the site today because there will be a new devotional tomorrow).  Anyway, the verses in Joel talk about the fact that God is able to redeem every situation for His good.  We cannot always manage to find that perspective when our cakes collapse or our children need disciplining at their own parties, but eventually God can help us see.  His grace is sufficient even then thankfully!

Today at MOPS we will be hearing a story of one of our moms.  Tragedy tinges her testimony, yet she is finding out that God can bring light to even the dark places.  One song that I know that has ministered to her throughout all of this is a song by the group, Gungor, called “Beautiful Things.”  If you have not heard the song or seen the video, the message is extremely powerful.

While I have not been dealing with tragedy lately, I have had a lot of responsibilities this winter/spring, and sometimes I have felt overwhelmed.  A friend wrote and told me that she would praying these verses for me.


43 But now, this is what the Lord says—
he who created you, Jacob,
he who formed you, Israel:
“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
I have summoned you by name; you are mine.
When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze.

Any situation can be redeemed – not because we are worthy, but because we serve a risen Savior who has come to redeem us.  So whether your struggles lately have included a cake that has fallen apart or if your situation is much more tragic, please know this.  Someone is waiting close by – ready to walk with you and able to transform your life.  Not because of who you are but because of who HE is!

And more …

Next year’s MOPS theme just happens to be “A Beautiful Mess.”  For a sneak peak and to learn more about the author of the theme book, An Artist’s Daughter , please watch this video.