When to Forgive and Beyond

When to Forgive

During both of my “12 Days of Christmas” blog series, I wrote about five golden opportunities – five local ministries that make an impact for Christ on the world around them.  Today I am thinking about Tiny Hands International again.  They have brought to my mind the last few days as a group from Lincoln happens to be there right now, and I have been getting updates via a blog.  The man leading the trip is their Executive Director, Doug Dworak, and he happened to be the girls assistant basketball coach when I was in high school.  As a player/manager, I remember fondly times spent working out together, as well as devotional times that he and Coach Rex would lead for us.  Doug writes a separate blog about his experiences with Tiny Hands, and his entry from several weeks ago fits in well with our current MOPS topic.

And Beyond

Will you take the time today to pray for their trip?  This time Doug & Shirley brought along four teenagers to minister (including some grandkids!).  Please pray for safety and clear service opportunities.  If you are not familiar with the work that Tiny Hands International does, please take the time to learn more today!


Please be prayer for their organization as well -that God will protect those who are involved (especially those who are overseas and do the actually rescuing of the trafficked girls).  Please also pray that Tiny Hands will be able to be an organization of purpose, integrity and compassion to all of those that they come in contact with.  They are spreading light into the darkness, and this leaves them vulnerable to spiritual attack.  Defending the helpless is a call in Scripture and while many of us are unable currently to make the trip ourselves, we can pray for those who are on the front lines.

P.S. If you would like to learn more about human trafficking, there are several Christian books that address the subject.  I read the “Stolen” series by Kimberly Rae.  Unfortunately the books are not available at the library, but her trilogy did give insights into a world that is far from our own.  You can purchase them on Amazon.  She also has a special page on Facebook devoted to fighting this injustice against women and children.


I had to stop looking right now at it because just even the quick glimpses were making me cry.  After looking a little bit on Amazon at books on the topic of trafficking (I couldn’t remember the author’s name at first), I can tell you that there is a lot of JUNK out there.  So I appreciated Kimberly’s site, because while she does talk about the horrors of the situation, she also focuses on the hope that we have in Christ!