So much is recorded about Jesus’ last week on earth before his death that we may not even recognize the silence.  We know what happened on the death of his death.  We know He was buried.  Then nothing.

We do know that the day before His Resurrection was a Sabbath day.  The Jewish holy day.  The day when all of the disciples, along with all other Jews, took a day of rest.  Leaving them with lots of time to think.  And be lonely.  And feel lost.

When you read through accounts of His Resurrection, no one appears to be going to look for an empty tomb.  The women do go to the tomb, but that is to prepare the dead body of their friend.  Even Pilate and the religious leaders knew that Jesus claimed that He was going to rise again.  Did the disciples forget?  Or were they so overwhelmed that they forgot to believe in possibilities?

After all, one night they had supper with the One they had closely followed for three years.  Less than 24 hours later, Jesus was dead after a gruesome crucifixion.  That had to have been horrifying to witness.

We know the rest of the story.  We know that Jesus would rise from the dead in three days.   The disciples understandably were in a state of shock.  They thought this was the end.  If only they could have known what was coming in the morning …


2 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Shelley Jaquez says:

    I love this “day of silence”. During the creation week, Jesus finished his work of creating on Friday, pronounced that it was good and rested from Friday at sundown through the Seventh day, the Sabbath. Likewise His work of redemption was completed on the cross on Friday. Jesus proclaimed, “It is finished” and went to His rest Friday at sundown through the seventh day, the Sabbath. The silence proclaims to the universe that redemption had been completed. There was nothing more to be done. All heaven rested, what a wonderful message!

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