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When I was reading my Bible this morning, I was astounded at how we have certain parts.  The epistles are easier to understand – Paul wrote the letters, they received them and kept a copy.  But the miraculousness of the recording of certain conversations for us to read over 2000 years later completely amazed me.

This morning I was reading in the book of Luke about how Elisabeth and Mary rejoiced together about the upcoming birth of their babies.  Their recorded reunion ends with Mary proclaiming a beautiful song of thankfulness. Words that are still bringing blessing and used to praise God today.

Now today I could praise God in my Facebook status.  If one of my FB friends was encouraged by my prayer and wanted to ponder the words again, they could look back through my status posts to find the words weeks or even months later.  (The thought of that makes me shudder, but …)  A reminder that one should not say (or type) words lightly.  While you can update your Facebook status, what you said previously does not just go away.

Back in Mary’s day, paper was at a premium.  I doubt she recorded her prayers in a journal.  (And obviously not on a blog 🙂 )  And elderly Elisabeth, the one who personally heard her prayer, probably did not get to see her child grow up to adulthood, much less write a biography about her amazing experiences.  So, how do we know what Mary prayed?  I came to two conclusions that I think might be accurate.

1) Mary made these words of praise a part of her life.  She committed them to heart, and she repeated them often.  Quite possibly over Jesus, to the point that others associated these words with Mary and knew them as well as she did.

2) God supernaturally revealed the prayer to Luke as he was divinely inspired to write his gospel for God’s glory.

Either way (or another way), I am glad that God chose to have her words written down so that they could encourage me this morning and help me on my quest of learning to praise God more fully.  I originally was going to copy/paste the prayer into this post, but instead I am feeling compelled to just write down the reference.  Luke 1:46-55.

I hope you can find the time to read the timeless words.  Reading them out loud is even better.  I just read them again to 2 of my children – there are a few places where you can even do actions together.

May God always bless the reading of His Words!


One thought on “Without having a Facebook status

  1. Barb Barber says:

    Oh Gretchen–you continue to bless my heart and challenge me to love and good deeds. You are something special, so gifted and using your gifts for the Lord. Barb


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