The Word Come Alive

To keep up my teaching certificate, I need to take two classes.  In my first one, I am learning about multiple intelligences.  I have enjoyed being challenged to switch up my lesson approach.  One of the main questions that is presented is this.  We need to stop asking, “How smart are you?”  and instead look at our students and ask “How are you smart?

You have maybe gathered that I am a reader.  This slant of mine was definitely confirmed when I took several “intelligence” surveys online.  So, when I read the Bible, I generally comprehend what I am reading fairly easily.  If I am awake that is.  🙂  Not everyone benefits from this approach – many people understand more by listening or by watching.  There is a new option that allows you to learn from that approach.

On Sunday, the History Channel will be starting a mini series on the Bible.  If you attend First Free, you have maybe heard about this.  Parade magazine had a snippet about the producers and the project last week.  The husband and wife were talking about the fact that they were watching the classic Ten Commandments movie with their children and were disappointed when the kids were not as engaged.  They felt strongly that they needed to bring the Bible to life for a new generation.  So, that is how the project came to be.  This project has been endorsed by many Christian organizations, and the series seems to be a wonderful way to bring the Bible to life.  For more information, visit

P.S. Just a little reminder – the Bible is not exactly G-rated, so probably this series, while being good, will not exactly be for whole family viewing.  I would highly suggest taping and watching it without the children first.  Especially if you do not want to do a lot of explaining of grown-up situations.


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