Giving vs. Getting (Another bonus post)

You have ended up getting many more than 12 Christmas posts from me this year – I hope your inboxes have not felt flooded.  I came across this thought yesterday on one of my favorite blog sites yesterday.  She is a homeschool mom who seems to make very intentional choices for her family.  Her thoughts seem to fit well with yesterday’s meeting discussions about giving more to those in need and helping our children to be satisfied with less.  This concept of a sparkle box was a new one for me.  I am not sure that we will do this in our family this year, but we will consider doing this in the future.

If you do take the time to read her post, please be sure to read her follow-up post about her children’s less than enthusiastic response.  A great reminder that sometimes doing what God is nudging on our hearts may not always illicit the hoped-for reaction.  And sometimes, that is okay.

If you have ways that you and your family are keeping the focus on Christ and giving and less on getting, please post a comment on the blog or on our Facebook page.   We can definitely learn from each other!