Be True

To thine own self be true.”  William Shakespeare

3 hours ago, we left MOPs armed with pages of handouts having listened to wonderful speakers and having spent time in encouraging conversation.  We should be ready to take on the world complete with our lemon rind vinegar and vodka vanilla (you definitely needed to be there).  But then maybe when you arrived home, you looked around and felt defeated – “I barely clean with my store bought products – how could I ever frugally make my own?”  So, you decide to give up on it all.  Then you go to get the mail and there is your Pottery Barn Christmas catalog, your Oriental Trading Company catalog and your Cooking Light magazine – all full of beautiful spreads and lay outs.  And you think – I can’t keep up when it’s not Christmas, so how can I add decorating cookies when anything beyond pb & j, chicken nuggets or canned soup is a stretch.  So, you give up even more.  WAIT JUST A MINUTE!

I just want to echo what  has been our indirect theme this year – God has called YOU to be the mom to your kids.    Please don’t let the world’s touched up photos or long list of to-dos convince you that you don’t have what it takes.  You DO have what it takes  but only if you follow Shakespeare’s sage advice.    You need to be true to the person God has called you to be – pray about how He wants your family to function this year.

I am definitely excited to send out some of the homemade recipes when I get them from the Blowers.  And there are several things that I will probably implement from their talk (especially the homemade vanilla!)  But besides referencing Scripture, I think the most important thing said today was maybe missed by many of you.  Precious said that it has taken her TWENTY-EIGHT years to collect and formulate her ideas.  (Some of the moms in our group aren’t even that old yet!)  And she also has teenagers to help her now to accomplish some her tasks – not too many MOPs moms have that yet! 🙂  I have a feeling that the Blowers would not want any of us to be overwhelmed  – they would want us to take one step at a time to be more frugal.    And that is definitely possible for ALL of us to do!

If you have any great frugal ideas that you would like to pass on, please e-mail by early next week.  We would love to share your ideas when we pass on homemade cleaner recipes from the Blowers.  I will do the follow-up blog post sometime in the next week or two.

Speaking of blog posts, I am planning on doing another special series of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”  I was encouraged by my friends on steering to simply re-post the series from last year, so that I would not overwhelm myself.  So, because I think that is wise, I will be following their advice.  Mostly.  I do plan on going through and editing a bit.  I am feeling strongly that I really want the entries to be about keeping Christ in Christmas.  So, if you have any ways that your family manages to keep focused on Christ throughout this busy season, please pass these on as well.  I will quote your ideas on the blog or in the newsletter during December.  I have a few friends already that will be helping me with this, but I am always open to more do-able preschool mom ideas!

I am planning on posting on the odd days in December.  I got this great idea from our lovely mentor, Danelle.  She has often done a 12 day of Christmas countdown in her family with her kids.  Rather than trying to do every day or the last 12 days before Christmas, if you do just the odd days in December, you end up finishing on the 23rd, right before Christmas.  This seems like an achievable goal for me.  So, look for your first day of Christmas idea on Saturday.  I promise that the topic will not be Husker football, even though that is what I will be doing that evening! 🙂






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  1. Denise says:

    Amen! Thanks for posting this reminder…. there is much to be said about making changes to better your family in the long run. Simple and ordinary steps can make a big change in the end. I’m sure the Blowers would encourage us to take it one step a time to achieve all we saw and heard today.

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