What Five Bucks Will Get You

Five dollars doesn’t seem to buy very much anymore.  1 1/2 gallons of milk.  1 1/2 gallons of gas.  A cheese runza combo meal right now.  Occasionally a pizza.  At the end of this month though, $5 will provide you with a night of inspiration You are invited to join the First Free ladies on Thursday November 29th for an evening of holiday music, appetizers and sweets, a collection of Christmas tablescapes, and stories of strength and hope in Christ.  Our own MOPs mom, Paula Davis, is going to be sharing one of the stories:  her testimony of God’s faithfulness to her and her family.   Why are we mentioning this on the blog?  Because tickets are only going to be available the next 3 Sundays only. And there is limited seating, so you may want to get your ticket early.  Since many of our First Free MOPs moms do not actually attend First Free, we wanted to give you advance notice.  Chances are one of the moms at your table does attend First Free.  So, if you bring $5 with to MOPs tomorrow (either cash or check), you can give your money to a First Free mom to buy the ticket for you.  Our next November meeting happens to be the morning of the event, so the First Free mom can give you your ticket then.  We hope that many MOPs moms will be able to attend this encouraging event.

P.S.  Five bucks will also still get you a $10 off coupon for the Younkers Community Day sale this week-end.  Have cash or check in hand and see one of the steering members to get yours tomorrow. 🙂

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