MOPs Moms Shoppers Unite

I am NOT a shopper.  Am I allowed to type that in a blog that is read by women?  🙂  My thoughts on shopping may change once I am allowed to go to stores alone.  Or maybe when we have enough money that I can splurge a bit, as opposed to needing to buy only necessities. But while you will not find me hitting the mall very often, I do have to admit that at times, going into a store does make me excited – if there a lot of good bargains!  I am definitely a coupon/price matching girl!  We are again participating in Younkers Community Days on November 9th & 10th.  For a $5 donation, you get a $10 off coupon, as well as other coupons.  Last spring I did manage to go to Younkers (by myself) and got a great deal on gifts that I needed to buy anyway (a crockpot for $8 – not bad for a shower gift!) Your opportunity to buy the coupons happens tomorrow at MOPs!  Bring $5 (cash or check) and find a steering member to pick up your coupon booklet.  The money that we raise from this fundraiser helps to support our MOPs group.  First Free church covers part of the cost of our MOPs group – without their support, we would not have a MOPs group (or at least not any childcare!)  So, we need to do our part to raise money to help with all of that.  Have friends or family that are shoppers?  You can pick up a coupon booklet on their behalf.  You can buy more than one booklet.  Just think … when November 9th & 10th arrives, you can tell people that you have to go shopping to support a good cause.  Sometimes it is nice to have an excuse!  Any questions? Please e-mail or seek out a steering member at the meeting tomorrow!