One Decade

Today my oldest son is turning 10.  This means that I have been a mom for one decade.  This feels like a big milestone for me.  In so many ways this 10 years seems like a blur, but certain days it seemed like time has stood still while I was willing the seconds to go faster.   There have been moments where I feel like I have this mothering thing down,  but even more moments where I fear I may be ruining my children for life.

Our oldest has  definitely our experiment child – sometimes showing our parenting methods to be successful and sometimes showing us that we need to try another angle.  I do know that I have learned far more than I anticipated from being a mom.  Lessons I didn’t even know that I needed to learn.  Mainly how much I need grace and how much I need Jesus to change me into his likeness.  I have definitely not arrived yet!  Most days I am glad that God considers me worthy of refining.    And for those days when I would rather just stay who I am and not grow or progress, I am glad that God patiently leads me forward anyway.

Today I definitely celebrate the gift of getting to be a mom.  Whatever stage you are at in your mothering journey I pray that you will celebrate as well.  Being “a mom” is definitely the most precious and undeserving gift God has ever bestowed on us!

P.S. Happy birthday, son!