Invaluable morning

Whenever I am extremely busy (which seems to be often), I try to determine what I can eliminate from my schedule.  Sometimes the solution is obvious – maybe watch a little less tv, spend a little less time on Facebook.  Or a lot less time.  🙂  When I was new to MOPs,  I tended to think of Friendship Group Days as one of those things.  Back then, we used to pay per meeting – I could justify spending money to hear a speaker but to sit around and talk to women … maybe that would be a good day to stay home.  Boy, did I miss out!  I have come to realize that while it is important to listen to advice from up front, it might be even more crucial for me to connect with the women who are sitting around my table.    A woman who also might be wearing 2 different colored socks because she was just too tired to notice or to care.  A woman who also fed her kids sandwiches five times last week because she couldn’t think of anything else to make.  Women who we might see at the grocery store during one of our midnight runs.  Or women who might be down the aisle from us church.  Women who we journey through life with or, at the very least, through this very crucial stage of mothering.  As I look back on my time at MOPs, there have been some speakers who have definitely positively changed my mothering.  But more than anything, I have been impacted by the moms that are doing life alongside me.  Fellow sojourners who don’t have all of the answers but are also following the Light up ahead.  So this is why we have two whole mornings during our MOPs year devoted to friendship.  Connection.  What you do during these mornings is not as important as being there – taking time to get to know the women in your group.  The groups that were chosen through much prayer.  God has promised that He is in the midst of places where 2 or 3 are gathered to seek Him.  So He will be there tomorrow morning.  Won’t you?