Ten Decades

I normally resist writing anything personal on this blog since obviously the audience is for MOPs and not for my fan club (not that I have one anyway :-)).  But, today is such an important day for my family that I couldn’t resist.  My grandma turns 100 today!!!!!  We praise God for her relatively good health and state of being!  I am hoping her piece of birthday cake will taste especially delicious to her – after 100 years of living, she has earned it!

While my grandma cannot remember every moment of her life clearly (that’s quite a few moments!), I know that if she were to ponder her life, her favorite times have been spent with her family.  Most importantly, she would acknowledge that her life has been full of evidences of a faithful God.  He has NEVER left her side.  My grandma has lived a quiet life, raised only one son but now has an extended family of 6 grandkids (3 married in) and 4 great grand kids.  Even though she is not well known , she has changed our world with her servant’s heart.  She is leaving us a godly legacy.

That is why I do MOPs – I want to leave a positive impact on my world – as small or as large as that might be.  And I know now that I cannot do that alone.  I need other moms to be alongside me that can encourage me and understand me and remind me that I really will make it through the tough mothering moments.  Whether that be potty training, temper tantrums or letting go of nap time.  And I need the wisdom of experienced moms (mentors) that provide perspective that will remind me that these days will be gone in a blink.

While my grandma did not have MOPs or anything,  I know that she had a community and church that have supported her through life.  That is what we moms need – a place to belong.  MOPs has been such a welcome place for me, and I am so thankful to begin the year again TOMORROW!  See you then!

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