To Meet Matthew West

If you have happened to be on Facebook the past several days, you may have noticed that several of us traveled to Texas for the MOPs convention.  The experience was wonderful!  One of the events I had been looking forward to (besides getting to go to the bathroom by myself and eating food that I didn’t have to make) was seeing Matthew West in a mini concert.

I have been a fan for quite awhile of his music as he is an amazing songwriter.  I distinctly remember my oldest sitting in the back seat of our minivan singing along to “More” when he could barely talk.  Then when our youngest was born, his song “Safe and Sound” was playing in the background – a beautiful moment.

When we got our packet of information about the convention, I discovered that a new workshop had been added.  Matthew West was going to have a small group session about the stories behind some of his songs.  I decided to skip my planned session on tweeting and pinning (since I don’t really want to do either anyway) and go to Matthew’s workshop instead.  After all, I confess that I have spent some time watching him talk about his songs on YouTube – in person would be even more interesting.  But I showed up to the room, and there was no Matthew, due to lack of interest.  Lack of interest?  They didn’t get the word out in time about the session, otherwise based on the reaction of the moms at the concert, the room would have been PACKED.  I found another session to go to and just looked forward to the concert.

While shorter than I would have liked, the concert was great.  I decided I wanted to tell Matthew how the song ‘Safe and Sound” had impacted our lives, but the line to meet him was REALLY long.  So, I went shopping instead.  Before I went back to my hotel room, I decided to check to see if he was still meeting people.  He was, and the line had drastically dwindled.  Score!  But I had only been in line a few moments, when an “in charge” lady loudly informed me that the line was CLOSED.

So I left and found my friends, and we were enjoying reflecting on the day together, despite the fact that it was nearing  midnight.  About 20 minutes later, someone said Matthew West  was by the elevator.  So a few brave souls headed the short distance over to the elevator with me to try to say hi to him.  Well, this time, one of his entourage nicely told us that they were really trying to get Matthew up to his room since he had been up since 3 and had to again get up 3 to go to his next venue.  So we gave him his privacy and left.  Three strikes, and I was definitely out of luck with meeting Matthew West.

Now before you feel too sorry for me, please know that I was only mildly disappointed about not meeting him.  I went back to my friends, and we had a wonderful time of sharing and praying together.  You see they know me and care about me and want me to share with them what is on my heart.  And I want to do the same with them – we have relationships with each other.  While I am sure Matthew West would have been glad to hear that someone appreciates one of his songs, at the same time, I would have been one of hundreds of women to talk to him that night.  Just one out of thousands, if not millions, of his fans – not really a big impact on his life in the long run.

I started to ponder another situation where I am one of many.  I am one of the millions who claims Jesus to be my Savior.  I am a definite fan of His.  But while Matthew West is limited in his response to people, I am so thankful that God is not.  I can approach Him and have access to him anytime.  Me.  I have access to the Savior of the world.  And while I  may be one of the millions who claim Him, to Jesus I am a one-in-a-million girl.  Worth dying for, worth living for.  Amazing love.  And while I may never meet Matthew West face to face, one thing I am confidently sure of – one day I WILL get to MEET JESUS!




3 thoughts on “To Meet Matthew West

  1. Barb Barber says:

    Oh Gretchen–what a gift you have! You certainly are promoting His kingdom, helping to fill the whole earth with his glory! You are a blessing. I am thankful for you and will continue to pray for you as you encourage and challenge moms with you thoughts. Barb

    • firstfreemops says:

      Thank you both for your kind words. Barb – at convention we were strongly aware of how blessed our group has been with a strong foundation of Jesus. Some of the workshops that were highly helpful to some of the moms were almost boring to us because we have been given so many encouraging and helpful biblical ideas on raising our kids to love Jesus. We could have led workshops ourselves. So, thanks for leading the charge along with the other mentors on modeling and guiding us toward positive mothering. We appreciate you!

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