Time for a little nature before back to school

We are finally supposed to get a break in the heat wave tonight.  Never thought I would be excited to hear that highs were going to be in the low 90’s tomorrow.  A great day to spend time outside.  We will be meeting at Pioneer’s Park Nature Center tomorrow (7/26) at 10 a.m.  We will make sure to stay in and around the newer building right by the parking lot for at least the first 30 minutes for sure.   If you arrive after that and do not see anyone, you may want to check the older building (the one you have to traipse on the path to get to).  After we see the centers, it may be a good day to go over to the playground and have a picnic.  Or it may not be – I know that I am keeping my options open on that one!

You have probably noticed that stores are gearing up for back to school.  For some of you with older kids, this is old hat and maybe only brings a twinge of sadness.  For some of you, this may be the first year you are sending someone off to school for the first time.  Whether you are counting down the days with glee or dread, there is one undeniable fact.  This is a GREAT time to buy school and office supplies.  BUT, don’t limit your thinking to just your household (I know ours has plenty of pencils still!)  This is a great time to stock up on birthday presents (a new box of crayons and coloring book – you’re set for a 3 year old birthday party).  Even better, stock up on gifts to send along for Operation Christmas Child.  We will again be filling shoe boxes in the fall to send to impoverished kids around the world – school supplies are a great addition to any box!  There is also a need for school supplies for different programs that help families in the Lincoln area.  While our family doesn’t always have a lot of extra cash, we can definitely afford to contribute a notebook or two.   To check out one such opportunity and to learn where to get the best deals on school supplies, visit Chicks Dig Deals – THE website for saving money around Lincoln