If lions and tigers and bears make your child cry

My friend once described the Lincoln Zoo as a beautiful park with some animals in it.  While they gradually have improved the zoo and added more things, our zoo cannot quite compete with the number of  animals an hour away.  But it is perfect for preschoolers.  Today (Thursday July 19th) at 10 our MOPs group is going to the zoo.  Finding MOPs moms can be a bit tricky on this outing, but if you look carefully, you will find them.  If a face looks familiar, take a chance and see.  If she isn’t from our group, maybe you can introduce her to the blessing of MOPs.  (If you happen to have a MOPs t-shirt, feel free to wear it today- you may be very popular!)  Enjoy the zoo at your own pace.  But if you want to ride the train, you may want to gather up a posse of friends.  We were told that you can get $.50 off per train ride if a group of 10 are riding together.  Enjoy the outing!