We all scream for …

Ice cream of course!  I am a big fan of ice cream – especially homemade.  We have a little freezer for our mixer, so I have had fun trying to make new kinds.  Butter pecan is a favorite, as well as watermelon ice and cookie dough.  Sweet corn ice cream was maybe a little too interesting, but I did really like green tea ice cream (very refreshing after Oriental food!)  The oddest flavor I have tried was maple bacon from the UNL dairy store.  The flavor was amazing – sweet and smoky, but eating ice cream with bacon in it was a bit odd.  My husband decided that one shouldn’t have to floss after eating ice cream.

Why am I blogging about ice cream?  Because we are going to Ivanna Cone this week!  One thing I really appreciate about the lady who runs Ivanna Cone – she always has interesting  flavors to try, besides the basics.  Never been to this unique ice cream shop, located in the Haymarket (7th & P)?  Well, then you are in for a treat if you come this Thursday 6/28 at 10 a.m.  The kids will even get to help “make” a bit of ice cream.  $1 cones will be available – vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.  If you are more of an adventurous ice cream eater like me, you can pay a bit extra and order off of the regular menu.

We need to know by tomorrow (Tuesday 6/26) evening if you are planning on coming.  Please RSVP “yes” to firstfreemops@gmail.com  If you think are maybe coming, please let us know that as well.   We will tentatively plan on you!  By the way, we do not have any planned activities for next week, July 5th.  (Yikes -how is it already the 4th of July?)  We will resume again with a fun morning at Trago Park on Thursday July 12th.  Thanks!