Behind the Scenes

Whenever we watch a movie, especially one that is based on a true story, I love to watch the behind the scenes extras.  Sometime this drives my husband crazy, since usually we have started the movie past nine, so it is rather late when the movie itself finishes :-).   But, I really like knowing the background of the story or even more details, and I enjoy seeing a glimpse of the actors off stage.

This week for our MOPs summer outing we are giving you a chance to see behind the scenes.  One of our mentors, Lorri Goode, has graciously invited us over for a morning full of fun and a picnic at her place.  A chance to see “behind the scenes” of the life of a mom with teenagers and beyond.  While she probably isn’t going to give us a glimpse into her junk drawer (but you do have one, right, Lorri? :-)), she is allowing us time to see how she really lives and how God uses her, even at home.

Thursday morning is also a time to see behind the scenes of that mom you have always wanted to get to know at MOPs – the one you never have time to say more than “hi” to on Thursday mornings.  Our summer events are great that way – giving moms a chance to connect in a way that isn’t always possible in the midst of a formal meeting.  So by coming, you may just discover that the mom who sat two tables over happens to live just two blocks from your house.  Or you might find a friend who also is into making jam or jogging on Saturday mornings.  When we take the time to get to know someone or reconnect, we may very well discover we have more in common than just being moms.  That’s what happens when you look behind the scenes.

We are meeting this Thursday 6/21 at 10 a.m.

We hope to see you all there!


2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. Lorri Goode says:

    OK, now I feel like I have to clean….ha! No, actually, I know you’re all moms just like me, and I promise you everything will not be perfect. Praying that we will encourage and be encouraged in hanging out together, knowing that God made us for relationships and camraderie with each other. So thankful for you girls. Call me if you have any questions.

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