Up for adventure

Did Jen just talk to us yesterday at MOPs?  Hard to believe that almost two weeks has passed since MOPs.  I had promised that I would pass on some of the suggestions that Jen had passed on to us of fun overnight outings.  So, here are a few links that you can check out if you are looking fora night away.


(I am glad that my kids aren’t up yet because if they would have seen the pictures of this pool, they would want to go there TONIGHT! 🙂

Here is the hotel that my family has stayed at up in Omaha (located right off of I-80)


This link will take you to information about staying at one of Nebraska’s state parks, including the cabooses.  (Evidently you can stay in a tepee also!)


If you are going to stay at one of the Nebraska state parks, you may as well sign up for one of the Nebraska passport adventures.  You can pick a tour to follow (family fun, cultural, culinary), and it will take you to different places across Nebraska.  Get the 8 stamps for the tour that you pick, and you may even win a prize.

Passport Tours

Well, I didn’t have any moms share any adventures which is why I didn’t share anything last week, although I could have shared one of my own.  One of my friends graciously gave my kids bunches of koolaid packets at Christmas time to make play dough.  I hadn’t gotten around to making any yet, partly because of time but also because crafts stress me out a bit.  I decided that I needed to get past that because I knew my kids would love it.  Well, I stashed the recipe she gave me somewhere safe – translation: I couldn’t find it when I needed it.  So, I found a recipe online, mixed all of the ingredients and ended up with … a gooey sticky mess that did not resemble playdough at all.  After adding about another cup of flour, my kids could mostly play with the dough.  I decided to try another batch and read the directions again.  Evidently I was supposed to combine the ingredients on the stove – missed the necessity of that part.  My 2nd batch was MUCH better.  Maybe I am not craft challenged as much as direction challenged.

Hope you have a fun adventure with your kids this week!