Valentine’s Day Celebration at MOPs

Valentine’s Party

Just in case you missed the last MOPs, we are planning a little party at MOPPETS this Thursday February 9th!

We will include a Valentine’s Exchange. Below is the number of
children in you child’s class. You may bring “generic” Valentine’s so everyone will be
able to pass out their Valentine’s regardless of their reading level.

Class                                                Number of Friends

Tiny Tots 1                                                11

Tiny Tots 2                                                11

Tiny Tots 3                                                11

Preschool 1                                             10

Preschool 2                                             12

Preschool 3                                             15

Allergy Alert: We will have Rice Krispie Bars for a special treat! If needed, please send an
alternative snack and notify your child’s teacher if this causes an allergy issue.

Just a little side note … 🙂 The MOPPETS have been learning this song and love it!
You may have heard bits and pieces of it around the house. Here are the words as well
as a youtube link if you are curious about the tune and actions!

Jump Into the Light

Jump, jump, jump into the light, light, light
Run, run, run away from what’s not right
Jump, jump, jump out of the dark, dark, dark
Run to Jesus and give Him your heart.

He is the light, He is the Light,
He is the Light, the Light

He is the light, He is the Light,
He is the Light, the Light

Please call me if you have any questions or concerns!
Rhonda Otto
MOPPETS Coordinator