Worth the Time to Listen

When I taught 5th grade at Lincoln Christian, we had weekly chapels.  I ended up really enjoying that time (as long as my students were listening quietly!)  I had the privilege of speaking a few times and enjoyed that.  We also had several people come every month to speak on the chapel theme topic, including my favorite high school English teacher.  Apart from that, the chapels kind of blur together.  Except for maybe one.

Aaron Davis came and challenged the students to be more like Christ.  I remember every person in the room being on the edge of their seats listening.  Including me – maybe especially me.  I remember his words being full of power because of the One that he was acknowledging that had given him his strength.  Jesus.

To go to hear a motivational speaker at a dinner, normally you would need to spend about $20 a person.  To come hear Aaron Davis, one of the best speakers that I have ever heard, will cost you a pot of soup.  That’s it.  And if you have the winter cooking blues, all you need to do is buy 2 cans of soup and add some milk and spices.  Supposedly if you add 3 new ingredients to a recipe, you can consider it yours.  You will be good to go!  (Note: that only works if you are not entering the soup competition – Campbells might win every time and that isn’t so fair to the cooks who slaved for hours on their secret recipes!)

To learn more about Aaron and see why you would greatly enjoy yourself, visit:


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