Withholding the Good

Proverbs 3:27

27 Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due,
when it is in your power to act.


This is one of the verses I read this morning that had an impact on my day in an unexpected way.

One year ago today some friends of ours lost their baby, about 2 months before her eagerly anticipated arrival.  Very sad.  On Facebook this week I received an invitation asking me to show an unexpected act of kindness in honor of little Calleigh Joy today.  In honor of a little one who has made such an impact on her family despite her never taking a breath on earth.  I responded that I was honored to participate.

So, I prayed this morning that God would show me how I could be especially kind today in honor of Calleigh.  While I did have a few moments to be kind as we were out doing errands today, there was nothing earth shattering that would not happen every other day.

Then we arrived home.  One of my kids asked for a glass of water.  Initially I said “no,” partially hoping to teach him to be a bit more independent, but partially being selfish.  Quite honestly, I was comfortable in my chair and didn’t feel like getting up again.  Suddenly I remembered the act of kindness challenge and chose to get up and get that water because he had asked me.  There were several other times throughout today that my kids asked for help.  I started to realize how often I have been telling my kids “no” or “not now.”  Withholding good from those who asked when it WAS in my power to act.  Ouch!

As I was tucking my kids in, and they had yet another request, I felt God prompting my heart.  “This has been your act of kindness today- showing goodness to your children, rather than to the strangers you were expecting.”  Now I am not giving up my quest of encouraging my children to be more independent at times – there is a place for that.  But God definitely showed me today that while I am quick to serve others in the community, I do not always have that attitude towards the ones that I live with.  I am hoping and praying that God will help me to change my heart into one that serves with joy, even at home.  Coincidence that I read this verse on the day that I was to perform intentional kindness?  I think not.  God incidence?  Definitely!

P.S. Calleigh – while I will never get to meet you this side of heaven, you were a part of a lesson today that will hopefully continue to impact my life.  I am eternally grateful!


5 thoughts on “Withholding the Good

  1. Julie Pramberg says:

    I REALLY appreciated reading this blog this evening! It is soooo true! I find myself having an easier time serving others and forgetting those closest to me?! Thanks, Gretchen, for being so authentic! You are a dear sister in Christ!

  2. Shelley Jaquez says:

    Wow! Your spiritual insight really hit home to me too. What is the point of endless phone calls and planning of church and school business if my own children are not served? Should they not be the most important people on my “to do” list? Thank you for sharing.

  3. slgoode says:

    Amen to all of the above! Thank you for the great reminder, I needed that today also. It’s so easy to get side tracked to what is most important, from our main calling as wives and moms. It’s no accident that God allowed you to experience and write about this, for His Spirit is gently reminding and constantly spurring us to live obedient and blessed lives.

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