Three Gifts for Giving

Three Gifts for Giving

I have tried to limit the number of gifts that we give our children in order to make the ones we give more meaningful (and to make Christmas more affordable!)  I have tried to mimic giving 3 gifts like the wise men, but I have felt a little lost in knowing how to start with this.  But, now, although it may be a bit late to follow Danelle’s great giving ideas (copied below), I have a great plan to hopefully follow next year!

This idea has been helpful in pointing back to Jesus in the craziness of gift-giving…We give each of our children ONLY 3 gifts– just like the Wise Men gave Jesus 3 gifts:  Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Each one had significance at the time of Christ’s birth:

  • Gold was (and is) the most valuable form of currency.
  • Myrrh was a spice used for the body during burial.
  • Frankincense was used during worship in the Temple.

We choose gifts for each child with these things in mind:

  • The Gold gift is something that child has really been hoping for– kind of a special surprise.
  • The Frankincense gift is something to help them worship God better– a musical instrument, cd, Bible Devotional Book, or even an item that helps them serve others.
  • The Myrrh gift is something for their body– a bath/spa kit, bike, or even clothes.

My friend, Sarah, (who happens to be in my discussion group), also sent me a great link with some further ideas on giving.

And for a 3rd idea, that happens to fit with our peacemaking theme of the month; please visit: ttp://

(Thanks, Danelle & Sarah, for your contributions!)

Coming soon to a post near you … several MOPs moms will share what gifts have been the favorite gifts that their children have received.

P.S. Here are some additional thoughts from Lynette.

Lots of families have limits on the number of gifts they give to their kids. (ie 3 for the number that Jesus got) My personal opinion is that the number of gifts doesn’t matter, as long as they have a thankful heart and aren’t consumed by asking for and receiving the gifts. In our home, we fill stockings for each other. We typically take the kids to the dollar section of different stores and let them pick and wrap one gift for each family member. We also give them a gift under the tree. For us, this has helped put the focus on giving, since there aren’t piles of gifts to look at for weeks. (and has helped our budget!) For families that give more gifts, simply waiting until Christmas Eve to put them out may accomplish the same goal.