Perspective that Calls for Thankfulness

At our last MOPS meeting, Lorri shared a bit about her missions trip to Mexico.  (I am hoping that she will write a  blog entry soon telling more about her experiences!)  I was again reminded of how much I take for granted the little things that I consider to be my “rights” when in other locations, they are considered privileges.   What sticks in my mind are the stories of the women being grateful to receive new underwear, the first “new” pairs some had ever had.  Also the large family that was staying in a tent despite the cold because they had no place else to go.  I know that I can complain about the fact that my  house has to stay at 65 – a heat wave for that family.  And I am sure that they would be thrilled to have the space that is in my basement, much less the rest of my house, but I can feel crowded at times on cold winter days when we are “stuck” inside.  Perspective!

In the 10/27 newsletter, I requested that you pray for my friend, Jodi (the one who writes our “Positive Parenting” newsletter column) as she was headed to Haiti with some women from her church.  She has been back now for several weeks and has been sharing about their experiences in her blog.  One story impacted me the most as to how God revealed Himself to her in new ways.

(Quoting directly from her blog)

Emmanuel – God with us to the mother in my small group.  When the earth shook, she was standing on the roof of her house as it pancaked onto 12 of her 13 children, burying them alive.  As she screamed, “Jesus – Jesus – save my children” they cried out from the rubble, “Mommy, Mommy.  Jesus saved us.  It’s okay. We will live and see what God will do for us.”

13 kids?  I e-mailed her because I wanted to know more.  This was Jodi’s response …

Seven kids were her biological kids.  Six were ones she was raising that she took off the street.  the 12 in the house survived.  The 13th that was in a different location was killed instantly and they had to personally recover her body.  Tragic.  But yet she looked at me and said, “God can take everything.  He is still enough.”

Wow!  LORD, please teach me to have to look at life with a thankful perspective!  You have blessed me with FAR more than I deserve and more than I need!  Happy Thanksliving to all of you!

P.S. If you would like to read more about Jodi’s trip to Haiti, please visit her blog.  The entries on her recent trip to Haiti start on November 11th.