The movie “Courageous” has been out in theaters for about a month now.  Have you been to see it?  If not, now may be your opportunity!  Marcus Theaters offers discounted movies on Wednesday and Thursday each week.  If you sign up for their promotion e-mails, you will be informed as to which movies will be discounted.  This week’s movie is “Courageous.”  In case you have not heard about this movie, it is a family friendly movie brought to you by the same film company that made “Fireproof.”  The story line is about the importance of dads being committed to their families.  (I haven’t made it to the movie yet, but Tiffany Maly highly recommends it & says to bring the kleenex).   Note: while the movie is family friendly, according to, the movie is not for younger children due to intense scenes.

To get the discounted movies, you must sign up for Marcus Theater e-mail notifications.  Please visit:

Disclaimer: (Or “Why I didn’t send this e-mail yesterday in time for some of you to make the Wednesday show”)

I signed up yesterday morning.  While I did get an introductory welcome e-mail yesterday, I did not receive the e-mail with the discounted tickets offer.  SO, I am not sure if it is too late to sign up for this week or not.  PLEASE call the theater (402-441-0222) to make sure that you can get discounted tickets before you show up.  (The same phone number is for all locations).   I would hope that they would let you get the discounted tickets with the introductory e-mail.

Can’t make it tonight?  Courageous will probably not be in the theaters very much longer.  In which case, you can wait to watch it on DVD.   Which is unfortunately what I will probably have to do due to a packed schedule. 😦

(If anyone gets a chance to call the theater, please post a comment about what their response is about the discounted tickets).

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  1. firstfreemops says:

    You can print the coupon off of Facebook. Like “Marcus Lincoln Grand Cinema,” and you can print the coupon off of the site. Since some of you may not have Facebook, I temporarily downloaded the coupon to the post. I will be deleting that at the end of the night.

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