Let’s Connect – Child care needed

What a wonderful way we have to connect with one another – through a blog!  Most of you are reading this through your email, and I hope you can help us if you can.  Since we are a community of moms who have a niche in all things child related, we wanted to see if you would connect with others in this need.

We have some moms in our group who are looking for quality places or people where their children can be watched for the day or at night.  Some need part time daycare, and some need to know of a few good babysitters that you would be willing to share with the group.  We all need a date night every once in a while!   If you have some names to drop, please post a comment on the blog or email the firstfreemops at gmail dot com  address. 

Thanks in advance!

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Connect – Child care needed

  1. tiffanymaly says:

    Since we opened this discussion, I’d LOVE to know what the “going rate” for babysitting is. I don’t know if I am underpaying of overpaying my sitters. How does everyone decide what to pay?

    • Lynnette says:

      We probably under pay according to the “going rate” which I’ve heard as anywhere from $2-5/hour per kid. If I get a new sitter or someone I haven’t used in awhile, I always ask before hand what they expect for pay, but the teens usually say “whatever” which is not helpful! Our sitters are all friends of our family and I’ve been able to ask their parents what they thought was fair. It turned out that they wanted their kids to learn that they had to work hard for their money and specifically asked us to pay low. They’ve had natural “raises” as we’ve had babies and I check in with them and their parents to make sure they still think it’s a fair amount.

  2. Eileen Scovill says:

    We have a WONDERFUL babysitter. Her name is Miranda and she is daughter of friends of the family. She is 18, about to graduate from HS and go to UNL. She has taken babysitting course at Saint E’s and she know CPR and Heimlich. We pay her $6 and hour. She has done everything for us that we ask. Dinner, bedtime, BRUSHING TEETH (ek!).

    I on occasion watch children and would offer to do so for anyone. I can’t do it full time nor can I on Tue and Wed (my husbands days off). Call me if you want to talk about setting something up. 419-3515.

    Eileen Scovill

  3. Sarah says:

    I think it all depends on the age of the person babysitting as well as the age and number of kiddos they are watching. No good hard & fast rule for what to pay unfortunately! 😀

  4. Lynnette says:

    I just heard of two day care sites. I’ve never used them, but a friend of mine provides day care through these sites. She said that the moms post what they’re looking for, then she goes on and applies for the jobs, and moms call her and interview her. One of these sites may require payment, but I can’t remember which one she said. Hope this helps somebody looking for day care!

    care.com and sittercity.com

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