Memorial Stadium Meeting Place

I have been asked about where to meet if you are attending the stadium tour.  To be honest, I am not completely sure, but this would be my best guess … enter in the north doors (by the Tom Osborne/ Brook Beringer statue).  There is room to gather there.  There is a parking garage west of the stadium that you can park in – I believe that it is $1/hour.  (On a sidenote: If you tend to run behind like I do, tell yourself the tour starts 15-30 minutes before it actually does.  While they might wait a few minutes, they can’t wait very long.  We had car trouble last year and didn’t make it on time, and they did let us join the group since they were up front by then.  But it was definitely not as enjoyable).  Tomorrow’s tour is at 10 – next week is at 11:30.  And just a reminder that if you did not RSVP, unfortunately you will have to miss it, as we made reservations.  By the way, Denise Savage is hosting this week, and I will be hosting next week.  So, if you cannot end up coming, please let her (or me) know.  Phone numbers are in the online directory.  Thanks!  Gretchen