Antelope Park and RSVP for Indigo Bridge Books

Tomorrow is the park play date at Antelope Park at 10 a.m.  There is some road construction in that area as well.  I think that you need to get there from 33rd and A.  (If you know differently, please post!)  Andrea Barber will be the hostess.  The suggestion is to wear red or blue since the park is rather big, so that newer moms will know they are not there alone.  (If leadership from last year wants to wear their MOPS t-shirts, that would be great).  My kids and I  are at VBS, so I won’t get to see you all tomorrow.   BUT, I am planning on coming to the story time at Indigo Bridge Books next Thursday.

If you are also planning on coming, please try to let me know by Friday morning, so that we can let her know how many crafts to prepare.  Originally it was supposed to be a storytime just for us, but she wrote down our date incorrectly.  So, the time is actually the same as their summer storytime.  At first I was disappointed, but then I realized it was a great opportunity to let the attending moms know about MOPS.  There are at least 9 MOPS groups in Lincoln – maybe we can point a mom to a place to connect.  (Since it is their “normal” storytime, we do not have to be quite as strict about the reservation deadline, but if you know you are coming, please let me know ASAP).  Anyway, I hope that you can join us next week.

P.S. The 8/11 Memorial Stadium 11:30 tour is rather full.  If you would like to come on 8/4 at 10 a.m. or are able to switch, that would be fabulous.  The deadline for the tours isn’t for another week or two, but again, please let me know as soon as you know.  Thanks!


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  1. Andrea Barber says:

    Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow! Just FYI A street is closed from Normal to Antelope park entrance. Head in from 27th street to A street and then you can enter Antelope park. Or you can take South street to the entrance of Antelope park-it’s the street just west of 33rd street off of South.

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