Directions to the Tractor Museum

For those of you who are signed up for tractor museum tomorrow.  getting there is a bit of a challenge due to road closures.   Holdrege is closed between 48th & 33rd , so you need to take Vine (or another road) to 33rd.  Turn right on the East Campus Loop (I think that is the name of the street) (just north of the NET station) and follow to about 40th (the street right by the big smokestacks).   Take a right and head about a block to Fair Street.  Take a right and drive a short distance – you will see the tractor museum on the right.  (If you are coming from the north, you can get to 33rd from Cornhusker or from Leighton/Huntington).  Admission is free, but I think they accept donations if you are so inclined.


2 thoughts on “Directions to the Tractor Museum

  1. tiffanymaly says:

    I didn’t get a chance to RSVP. Is there still room for me and the two boys? If not, please let me know if someone backs out and a spot opens. Thanks! Tiffany Maly

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