Needing to cool off tomorrow and the Tractors are coming

Lynette described tomorrow well, so I am just going to add her Facebook post to the blog …

It’s hot! What a perfect week for a Trago Park Sprayground summer activity! Join us tomorrow for some fun. Spray turns on at 11:00, but come as early as 10:00 for parking and regular playground fun. Don’t forget your towels and sunscreen! Hope to see you then!  Something else she mentioned to me … kids DO get wet, so if you think your child will stay dry, maybe have them wear their suit anyway.  She will be hosting this event for us!  Our family is planning on coming, and this will be our first experience at the spray park.  I guess if it has to hit 90+, we may as well be keeping cool.

Tractor Museum:  Please let us know if you would like to join us next week at the UNL East Campus Tractor Museum at 10.  They even let kids climb on many of the tractors, so it is worth the trip.  I know our family will be bringing a sack lunch, so that we can get some kid cones at the Dairy Store afterward.  Please RSVP by tomorrow (Thursday) evening.  Thanks!


One thought on “Needing to cool off tomorrow and the Tractors are coming

  1. tiffanymaly says:

    If you have swim shoes or shoes they can where in water, have kids where those too. We went once and the ground gets wet and slippery and kids are running everywhere.

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