Directions to the Dairy

Here are the directions to Prairieland Dairy.

Take 70th Street South out of Lincoln – turn right on Saltillo Road (at dead end) – take a left on 68th St. Head south several miles (through Hickman even) to Firth Road. Take a left and go through the edge of Firth all of the way to 134th St. Take a left and go back north 1 mile to Pella Road. Take a left and go about 1/4 of a mile (west) to the Dairy. While you can take Pella Road straight out, by going the extra mile to Firth Road, you will be on gravel for a shorter amount of time. Lorri lives very close the dairy – she will give us directions there. Remember that the cost is $2/person (ages 3 and up). Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, as this is a working farm. Boots are optional. And remember your sack lunch. If you have not reserved your spot for the tour yet, I am sorry but the tour is full. You could definitely drive out to Lorri’s and join us for lunch around 12:15 or so!



2 thoughts on “Directions to the Dairy

  1. Christina Lovercheck says:

    You will have to jog around Hickman with the construction. Just follow the detour signs.

  2. Lorri Goode says:

    68th Street through Hickman is closed because of construction.

    When you come to Hickman, follow the detour signs, left at the U Stop, then right on 82nd. When you come to the T at Panama Road, you can go back to 68th street and follow Gretchen’s directions, but that is backtracking. Fastest way from Panama Rd. take a left (east), go through the town of Holland ( paved road), turn right (south) on 110th(dirt road), go 3 miles to Pella Road, left (east) on Pella, and the dairy will be 1 1/2 miles, past 120th on the left. Confusing??!! The streets are all marked well.

    I will have my cell phone on – 402-525-4184, although cell service can be spotty out here…..
    For you GPSer’s, Praireland Dairy’s address is: 13000 Pella Rd. Firth

    You will go by our house across the street from the radio tower on 110th between Princeton and Pella Rd. We will come back here for lunch after the tour.
    My address is 25600 S. 110th, Firth.

    Lorri Goode

    Lorri Goode

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