A Hair Raising Meeting

What a fun meeting we had yesterday!  Three stylists from Headlines Hair Design joined us and demonstrated some quick and fashionable styling techniques.  Several of our MOPS mom volunteered their head of hair for demonstration purposes.  Our guest stylists demonstrated the art of back combing, which brings body and lift to your hair.   There is really is an art to it as you don’t want to do too much.  They also showed us how to make quick curls using a flat iron and how to don the messy bun look.   They took questions from our moms and offered these tips:

  • If your hair (or your daughter’s hair) suffers from flyaways caused by static, use a leave in conditioner or rub your hair with a dryer sheet.   This should help tame the static beast.
  • If your daughter has baby fine hair that won’t hold a barrette, don’t be afraid to use an aerosol hairspray.   Using a little product may help to keep the cute hair accessories in place.  Also consider headbands as an alternative to barrettes.
  • Don’t set your flat iron temperature too high.  The higher the temp, the more likely it is damage your hair.  Spray your hair with a hairspray with thermal protection  before using the flat iron and don’t set it much hirer than 300 degrees.

It was a fun meeting filled with lots of give aways.  The Headlines stylists gave each mom a coupon for $10 off an appointment at their studio.  They also gave out many product samples.  Finally they gave away makeovers to four lucky moms.   The makeovers include a hair cut, color, and style as well as full make up.   Congratulations to the winners!  Enjoy!

We’d like to thank the stylists from Headlines for sharing with our MOPS group.  Headlines Hair Design is located at 40th & A streets.   You can make an appointment by calling 402-488-4832.