Art & Science for Preschoolers

I hope you came away inspired after today’s MOPS meeting. Lynnette gave us some great ideas on how to capitalize on the “teachable” moments we have with our preschoolers. As she said, teaching art and science to your children doesn’t require special training or advanced degrees. All it requires is a willingness to be your child’s life teacher. You can teach your kids about God’s beautiful world by simply making the most out of a few of the hundreds of questions that they will ask you. So they next time your child asks you the where-did-that-come-from question like “Did the baby’s teeth fall out when she was in your tummy?” (an actual question my 5 year old asked when he was losing his first few baby teeth and had a new baby sister), the two of you will be able to learn together all about how God designed our bodies to have baby teeth and permanent teeth. Who knows what kind of tooth observations and experiments you might have? Or what about toothy art? The possibilities are out there for your discovery.

Remember – don’t become overwhelmed. The best thing about being your child’s best teacher is that you get to participate in the FUN of learning with him. Do what you can when you can while you can. That may mean giving your three year old a box of crayons and some paper and letting her imagination do the rest. Or it may mean taking an afternoon nature walk, collecting leaves, and making a “Leaf Man” collage. Or it may mean letting him help you cook once a week so that he can see what happens to food when you cook it. All of it is valuable.

In case you missed the meeting or forgot to pick up one of Lynnette’s handouts on mom-approved art and science resources, I have reproduced the lists below.

Science Resources
Science that Teaches God’s Word
Teaching Science with Favorite Picture Books
National Geographic Science Fair Projects series
Mudpies to Magnets
Science Play
Science Experiments You Can Eat
Let’s Read and Find Out About Science (early readers)
First Science Experiments Series
Anything by Usborne
DK’s Eyewitness Series
Books by Bob Friedhoffer
Books by Janice Van Cleave

Sid the Science Kid
Eyewitness Videos
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Science of Disney Imagineering
Magic School Bus

Field Trips
Hyde Observatory
UNL Dairy Store
Nation Center at Pioneers Park
Morrill Hall
Dinosaur Museum near Malcolm
Air & Space Museum near Mahoney
Children’s Museum of Omaha
Bike trails

Art Resources
Play and Pray Bible
Little Hands Art Book
Arts & Crafts Busy Book
The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book
Alphabet Art
The Way They See It
Cook Books by Annabel Karmel
Books by Mary Ann Kohl
Anything by Usborne
Any book with recipes (playdoh, ornament clay, etc.)

Little Einsteins
Rainy Day Art
Linnea in Monet’s Garden

Field Trips
Concerts – especially high school or homeschool groups
Paint Yourself Silly
Sheldon Art Museum
Quilt Museum
Bike sculpture tour
Union Station area of the Haymarket
State Historical Museum

Family Fun Magazine
Discovery Magazine
Club House and Club House Jr.
National Geographic Kids
Your Big Backyard
American Girl Magazine
Boys’ Life



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  1. Gretchen Garrison says:

    One thing I remembered when we were in our discussion group is to recommend a visit to the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha. They have art cards and even art backpacks to borrow to go for scavenger hunts through the museum. And the packs even include paper so the kids can try their own hand at a masterpiece. They also have organized art stations for the kids to participate in art. Every Saturday has free admission from 10-12, so as long as you are there by noon, you can stay longer. Definitely worth the trip to Omaha! Thanksgiving week-end also has free admission. By the way, great job today, Lynette!

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